Cycle to work

Great to get the chance to cycle to work again. This photo was from looking behind me. Stunning morning.

Baseline is Happy

As you will probably have noticed I haven't blogged for a while so just wanted to do a quick updated on what has been happening for the past month. I am still very much carrying on this blog but it just hasn't been top priority which is fine. Sometimes you just need to take a …


So I went to see a different GP on Monday about getting a prescription for anxiety meds. It wasn't a process that I found easy with going to see someone new, didn't know my history and was trying to fit me into that 8 - 10 minute appointment slot that GPs get for seeing patients. …


Has been a hard week especially in terms of anxiety levels. Since saying that I was beginning to struggle at the start of the week have found that my anxiety levels have skyrocketed and that has just been base line. They have then had moments of peaking even higher. Usually it is something that triggers …

B&W, ISO 400

Some days just seem to lend themselves to taking photos in black and white and always find a grey, cold, icy day is one of those. So when I went out on the dog walk this morning I decided to set my camera to B&W and ISO 400 for taking photos.